System 3000

Optimize Packaging Performance
Across Your Supply Chain

Our Design Specialists help determine the most economical and efficient way to order quantities based on usage and order patterns.

Services We Provide

SKU Rationalization

Board Weight Analysis



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SKU rationalization including size, orientation and analysis of annual demand.

Delivery and Inventory Analysis

Course of Action



Order Quantity Review
  • Determine the most economical order quantities based on usage and order patterns
  • Analysis of annual demand by SKU
  • Order frequency analysis
  • Establish VMI and KANBAN systems
  • Determine delivery options with dedicated fleet drivers
  • Scanning systems to provide inventory access 24/7
  • Bar code labeling to enhance inventory accuracy/tracking/ordering
  • Determine fit and support of customer material flow in receiving and shop floor areas
  • Determine customer storage/staging
  • Understand customer system requirements, electronic/manual
Transactions and EDI Options
  • Streamline purchase orders and receive order confirmation using web interface and/or EDI
  • Seamlessly integrate business systems for MRP/Advanced Planning
  • ASNs, detailed order information communicated in advance
  • Understand customer’s system capabilities and available IT resources
  • Provide web access for releases, orders, inventory visibility
  • Determine system-to-system capabilities for some or all of EDI transactions