Summer Help

Oshkosh, WI

Individuals who are continuing their education and are looking for temporary summer employment may apply for summer help working between May and September.  These employees will not be allowed to become permanent employees unless they are selected through the normal hiring process at the end of summer.


All summer help must be 18 years of age at time of start date.  They will be subject to all work and safety rules and be required to complete pre-employment testing.  They must be available and open to work any position and shift needed by plant management.


Applications are being accepted from now until Friday, April 13th.  If you know of anyone interested in summer help, please have them click below to apply.  Sons or daughters of current employees, who are recommended by current employees will be given priority over other applicants.


Once all applications have been reviewed, those selected for an interview will be contacted to schedule a date and time.  Selection will be based on the best interest of the business. Summer help will be paid $14/hour and will not accrue seniority.